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I've been inside you

Maybe that's what's wronge

click, click, boom
8 June
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We can all pretend we are oh so fabulous, but that's not me let's face it I'm just your average every day boy next door... Grew up in shitsville USA, otherwise known as Albuquerque New Mexico where at 7 years old my parents divorced, oh joy!! Thanks Dad for fucking up my life!! Nothing really exciting happens not till I was 15 that is, and like an idiot I dropped out of High school becoming just another lazy fucker, who over time became more and more depressed and eventually landed myself in children's psychiatric hospital where I resided for nearly 5 months.. And guess what? I got out and went right back to what I was doing before nothing. It wasn't until 17 that things finally perked up, at least life wasn't boring anymore. I met the wonderful world of aderal, prozac, and stolen vodka.. Drowning sorrows that's what I was doing,( How lame and emo sounding is that ) at least to a degree, maybe I was just Having fun but, summer of 17 wasn't as fun as I had planned it to be.. Instead it was a summer filled with friendships drifting apart, relationships forming, and more alcohol then I will ever be able to admit to.. I was alone, and that's where you all come in, the Internet in away had become my only friend.. My only connection to the world.. Here I could hide, I don't have to admit to anyone how afraid I am, or how I empty I feel inside, that I love the prozac, and the vodka.. I was alone.. So am I now supposed to tell you that I'm ready to change life, drop the illegal shit?? Sorry babe you got the wrong boy... Wow, your still here? I guess you shall now prepare yourself.. your ready to read the journal of a boi kisser

.x.Don't fasten your seat belt dear, your ridin' the boring ride.x.

Your nightmare hasnt even begun

Yes, Joel's back